The Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre) is an action-oriented, non-profit organization that aspires to recruit, retain and advance women in science, entineering, trades and technology.

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Annemieke Farenhorst and four members of her team attended the WinSETT conference in Regina, SK from May 22 to May 24. Here they are just before leaving Winnipg. L-R: Jenna Rapai, Geethani Eragoda Arachchilage, Annemieke Farenhorst, Lena Yusim, Ru Li.
A few hours later Jenna (One of Annemieke's Graduate Students) is excited to have arrived safe and sound at the Delta Regina.
The next day was the Effective Communications for Women in SETT Workshop put on by the Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT Centre) - Annemieke welcomed all of the workshop attendees on behalf of the CWSE.
Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, President of the WinSETT Centre. and champion for women in science was excited to have us attending the workshop. Armour graduated from the University of Alberta with a PhD in physical organic chemistry, and is honored as a champion for women in science for her work in promoting equality for women in Canada. She is now the Associate Dean of Science at the University of Alberta.
In this photo Dr. Margaret-Ann Amour is making introductions on behalf of the WinSETT Centre.
Susan Hollett, the WinSETT Centre's National Facilitator, guided the workshop through the day. Hollett has focused on engaging under-represented populations and has been formally recognized for her contribution to women's advancement in business and community economic development with a focus on women in SETT positions. One of Hollett's main points was the importance of self-promotion - so we practiced this in small groups. We all learned that we as individuals have tools to expand our opportunities by promoting our accomplishments.
The Guest Presenter for the workshop was Lianne Lefsrud. Lefsrud recently completed a Ph.D in Stratageic Management and Organization at the University of Alberta and serves on the Board of Directors of the WinSETT Centre. She spoke about communication in team situations based on her life experiences. One of the messages that stuck out from her presentation was different people in a team may have different communication styles, so what you say may not be what is heard - teams must strive for a shared language with shared meaning for successful team work.
The CWSE Chairs came from across Canada to meet before the conference began. L-R: Dr. Catherine Mavriplis (Ontario), Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst (Prairies), Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal (Atlantic), Dr. Elizabeth Croft (BC & Yukon). Missing: Dr. Nadia Ghazzali (Quebec).
Later that day the conference began! The first panel discussed ways of negotiating your opportunities. Panelists chose to speak about negotiation in a number of different ways. Dr. Elizabeth Croft from CWSE spoke on negotiating your first job salary - she encourages women to aim high and know their worth.
The first full day of conferencing began with a great breakfast and catching up with friends.
It was an honor and a pleasure to watch keynote speaker Roberta Bondar present. She was the first Canadian woman to fly in space! We were all a little star struck. Her focus now is on social responsibility and the environment. She is an inspiration to women in SETT and all women. L-R: Jenna and Roberta.
Attendees coming to learn about NSERC and the CWSE at our table during the break.
Annemieke sharing information about the CWSE.
The next panel was focused on diversity and human rights, and featured University of Manitoba's Jenna Rapai.
Ru and Geethani enjoying Jenna's presentation.
Group shot of the Manitobans in Regina.
Later that night the fun continued with a banquet dinner. Another star struck moment was seeing five-time Olympic medalist Hayley Wickenheiser during her live interview and meeting her during the autograph session.
Jenna with Hayley holdeing her Canadian Women's Hockey Olympic gold medal.
On our last day some of us attended a mentoring track session. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geocientics of Alberta (APEGA) and gave us a take-away resource for managing transitions - before, during and after maternity/parental leave. APEGA recognizes that in many SETT workplaces the women working there now are trailblazers for the future and are working to alleviate the stress that comes with taking a parental leave.
The CCWEST 2014 conference was a great experience! Back to Winnipeg.