NSERC Chair for
Women in Science & Engineering

Tiffany Dancho

Tiffany Dancho

"Don't be afraid"

"If you have interest in mechanical or technical explore it and learn as much as you can"

New Product Development Program Manager

MacDon Industries

What is your job (describe it), and what most excites you about what you do?

My role is to cross functionally manage the development of new products from conception through to market launch. That means working with design engineering, supply chain, finance, marketing, support, parts, etc.to get a successful product to market. It's an extremely proud (mother hen type) moment when it's launched and you see it spread across social media and at trade shows. Something that you've stressed over for years you can now be publicly proud of.

How diverse is your workplace, or your field of work as a whole? What do you think should be done to support greater diversity and create more inclusive practices in your workplace and in the Agriculture field?

It's definitely 90+% male dominated. There are very little women in the ag equipment industry, and if there are they are mainly in HR, Credit roles. I think just simple exposure would go a long way in bringing attention to this side. It so diverse from working in parts, service sales at a Dealership or an OEM or more behind the scenes at an OEM and dealing with Design or manufacturing.

What advice would you give to young women interested in a career in your field?

Don't be afraid. If you have interest in mechanical or technical explore it and learn as much as you can. It's so easy to be judged in this industry but if you have the base knowledge to back up the talk you will be respected.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Anything agriculture, I have farming in my blood. But I enjoy spending time with my dog outdoors; as well as wine and cooking. Who knows, you may see me on the next Masterchef ;)

What are you most hoping you will learn from your mentee? / What learning goals do you have for this experience?

I wouldn't necessarily say they are goals, but you learn a lot from the mentee experience. Not just on how they look at things, but how you try and teach and explain your experiences. I find that being a mentor and doing a job interview are the best ways to truly learn about yourself, your professional strengths and weaknesses.