NSERC Chair for
Women in Science & Engineering

Robyn Harte

"Never be afraid to say 'I don't know but I'll find out for you.' And then deliver on that promise"

Industry Focus Specialist - Swine

Manitoba Agriculture

What is your job (describe it), and what most excites you about what you do?

I represent the largest animal agriculture sector in MB. I love working with producers and I love having an impact on policy and regulation for rearing livestock.

How diverse is your workplace, or your field of work as a whole? What do you think should be done to support greater diversity and create more inclusive practices in your workplace and in the Agriculture field?

My workplace has a good cross section of men and women and it is getting better at having people of colour better represented.

What advice would you give to young women interested in a career in your field?

Never be afraid to say 'I don't know but I'll find out for you." and then deliver on that promise

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Cooking, my kids, reading, running.

What are you most hoping you will learn from your mentee? / What learning goals do you have for this experience?

What their expectations of the future are vs. what mine were