NSERC Chair for
Women in Science & Engineering

Christine Rawluk

"Put yourself out there. Talk to as many people as you can"

Research Development and Industry Communications Facilitator

National Centre for Livestock and the Environment, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba

What is your job and what most excites you about what you do?

I work with research teams, industry and government on research initiatives aimed at improving the overall sustainability of animal agriculture in Manitoba and Canada, and in communicating our research within the agriculture community. I have the privilege of working with many progressive, talented researchers and graduate students and interacting with our supportive industry partners. I am so incredibly inspired by the passion, commitment and hard work I am witness to on a daily basis!

How diverse is your workplace, or your field of work as a whole? What do you think should be done to support greater diversity and create more inclusive practices in your workplace and in the Agriculture field?

I see considerable diversity in my workplace, with the representation of that diversity differing among Faculty departments, research areas, and whether you are looking at the student, faculty or staff demographic. I feel it is important that our policies and practices foster inclusivity, so that each individual, regardless of ethnicity and gender, feels welcomed, valued and supported within our community.

What advice would you give to young women interested in a career in your field?

Put yourself out there. Talk to as many people as you can. Seek out new knowledge, ideas and opinions that maybe are not the same as yours. Spend time reflecting on the ways in which we are all connected, or can be better connected within the agriculture community. We learn so much more from listening and thinking than from talking.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I like taking my dog for walks (or rather how happy they make her), playing long drawn-out strategic board games, biking on The Great Trail and sharing my passion for personal fitness with others.

What are you most hoping you will learn from your mentee? What learning goals do you have for this experience?

I know I will learn from my mentee – what that might be I have no idea, but am excited to discover during the coming months! Rather than a personal learning goal, my goal for this experience is for my mentee to feel that the time she spent with her mentors was time well spent – that we provided her with opportunities, experiences and knowledge that will help shape her future paths so that she derives meaning and a sense of accomplishment in all she does in life.