NSERC Chair for
Women in Science & Engineering

ICAN-WISE is the Integrated Collaborative Academic Network for Women in Science and Engineering. The ICAN-WISE Scholarship began in the Prairie region of Canada in 2014 in order to help female undergraduate students develop mentoring relationships with women STEM academics. Each year, students are invited to select a mentor of their choice and apply for this scholarship worth $6,000 to embark on a summer of natural sciences or engineering research.

Due to changes in the CWSE-Prairies program, the ICAN-WISE Program will not be offered in 2019.

Student Experiences

The ICAN-WISE Scholarship recipients were asked to document their experiences through a photo blog. Read about some of the work from these past participants here.

2018 Winner: Delaney Lothian

Computing Science & Mathematics

University of Alberta

Delaney is co-mentored by Dr. Martha White and Dr. Carrie Demmans Epp at the University of Alberta. Together, they are working on developing an intelligent tutor system to help people learn to speak Plains Cree. The project applies human computer interaction and machine learning methods towards an adaptive system to help protect this at-risk language.


Participating Universities

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs at the following universities were able to apply for the ICAN-WISE Scholarship. Students could select a research project and mentor from any of the participating universities.