ICAN-WISE Scholarship Applications

ICAN-WISE is the Integrated Collaborative Academic Network for Women in Science and Engineering.

The purpose of the ICAN-WISE Scholarship is to facilitate women mentee-mentor academic research collaborations in natural sciences and engineering fields.

The ICAN-WISE scholarship program was established for the Prairie Region of Canada in 2014. Each year, undergraduate students at participating universities in the Prairie region are invited to apply for the ICAN-WISE Scholarship which is valued at $6,000.

Six ICAN-WISE scholarships will be available in 2017, worth $6000 each, which are to be awarded to students that are enrolled in undergraduate programs in one of the following Prairie universities (2 awards per province):   

 If you are a female undergraduate student registered at any of the universities listed above, please proceed and complete step 1 to 3 on the application form.  Submit your application by April 24, 2017, midnight to Lena.Yusim@umanitoba.ca



Each applicant will be informed on April 28, 2017 whether or not her application was successful.

Download the application form below.

ICAN-WISE Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

Previous Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners


Leela Leela used Geogrpahical Information Systems to research ways of facing societal challenges surrounding climate change, population growth, natural hazards, and more, with the EarthsCAN initiative. Read more >>


Kelsey Kelsey focused on determining whether two types of wastewater stabilization ponds were capable of effectively reducing effluent nutrient levels in order to satisfy new federal regulations and provincial requirements. Read more >>


Leela Avery explored a novel antibiotic resistance gene in Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Read more >>

2015 Scholarship Winner


Heather Parisa's analysis will contribute to the effort to stop the decline of amphibian populations. Read more >>

2014 Scholarship Winners


Heather “Heather has far exceeded my expectations for her project. I expect a publication will come out of this work,” said Dr Martin. Read more >>


Melissa Each day that she spends with her mentor, Melissa is learning more and more about the fascinating biology of ticks and other arthropods that affect animal health and well being. Read more >>